• English for Specific Purposes

    1. English Improvement Programme
    2. English for Business

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  • Specialist Tutorial Support

    A customized study plan based on each student’s individual needs and ability.

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  • Professional Development

    1. Diploma in Business Administration
    2. AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting
    3. SIJIL Kemahiran Malaysia (Accounting)

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  • Corporate Training

    Our clients are from different types of industry.

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  • Character Development

    Building character in the hearts and minds of students.

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English for Specific Purposes

Good English matters.  English is the language of the Internet, diplomacy, business dealings, education etc.

1. English Improvement Programmes

We use a combination of established and proven English learning methodology for learners aged 7 – 77 years. The programmes are primarily:

a. 4S Accelerated English Programme (4S-AEP)
Symbols * Sound * Sight * Self

We use the 4S Accelerated English Programme to teach learners of varying age and skill levels to know and acquire the necessary proficiency skills in Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening, Viewing and Interpreting. It also imparts knowledge that quickly enhances an individual’s Word Recognition and Word Creation abilities.

4S-AEP is taught in more than 28 countries in the world.

  • Proven success for children and adults with low proficiency of the English Language
  • Increase your vocabulary fivefold using the 4S system
  • Be confident in your public speaking and studies/ career
  • Self-paced with individual attention
  • Audio facilities available to accelerate learning

b. Junior English Test and Senior English Test (JETSET) by EDI, UK

JETSET provides a clear and consistent pathway through English language learning, from beginner to full fluency, enabling learners of all ages and backgrounds to develop their skills.

JETSET is available at seven (7) separately certificated levels, intended for candidates whose first language is not English.

We prepare students to take these international ESOL qualifications which have been designed to develop and assess a candidate’s ability to communicate in English, in everyday situations. The tests are taken under examination conditions at increasing levels of difficulty and cover the four skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

FREE Placement Test is available for all potential students. Call for an appointment and take the test to determine your level of English mastery instantly. Classes will be planned to suit your needs and level of proficiency.

Levels: Foundation, Level 1 – 6

2. English for Business

English for Business (EFB) consists of practical, business-related tasks relevant to the workplace and aimed to assist adult learners achieve the required level of competency who, as part of their job, deal with English-speaking counterparts regularly in a functional capacity.

The classes will focus on salient areas like:

  • Listening and understanding business-related conversations and announcements
  • Participating in conversations
  • Writing business-related documents adopting the tone, form, layout, content and composition appropriate to the requirements of different situations
  • Making oral presentations

3. INTERACTIVE English Learning Software

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